Bishop George Bloomer Is Being Sued By North Carolina Mayor And Pastor For Beating Them Out Of $300,000!

Posted on December 10, 2011



Shortly after I reported that Bishop Eddie L. Long was stepping down and that insiders told me that Bishop George Bloomer would be preaching in his place. It was not long before the calls, text messages, and e-mails about him not being the ideal person for the job came pouring into my mailbox. One member of the Obnoxious Street Committee stated that New Birth would be jumping out of the frying pan in to the fire with George Bloomer as their acting pastor.

The former high school dropout from New York has a past that is more than eyebrow raising. A known and admitted drug addict that relocated to North Carolina. Briefly he served as Pastor Shirley Caesar’s assistant pastor, but the word is they could not get a long due to his horrible disposition and attitude. According to sources close to the situation stated Shirley was just feed up and asked him to leave the church. The man is said to be a great preacher and host a show on The Word Network on Friday nights has allegedly brought that hustle, gangster, street mentality to the church. According to the lawsuit filed by the Mayor of Princeville, North Carolina, Priscilla Everette Oates and her husband, Duarthur Oates, a pastor in Bloomer’s organization, the bishop assisted two co-men in getting $300,000 from the couple.

Allegedly Bishop George Bloomer knowingly and willfully convinced and encouraged this couple to invest money with two known con-artist, Ron E. McCullough and David Mayhew. Based solely on his word and suggestion the couple eventually invested $300,000 with the two men. Bishop Bloomer allegedly knew full well in advance that it was a scam and the couple would never get their money back nor make a profit on the return of their investment. According to the plaintiff, Bishop Bloomer set up meetings with the couple and that he had prior knowledge of their financial ability. Due to meetings and the encouragement of Bishop Bloomer the couple finally wired funds and with a cashier’s check paid the fraudulent company. It is believed that Bishop Bloomer was paid some percentage of the $300,000 they invested and that this was a usual practice of the Good Bishop George Bloomer. Shortly after the couple was never paid Bloomer acted as if he contacted his business partners on the behalf of his members.

Bishop Bloomer has been very frank about his complete and totally nervous breakdown. Recently loosing a ton of weight Bishop Bloomer seems to have a number of things about him that do not add up. Soon he will consecrate a 24 year-old man by the name of Demetrius Sinegal to be a bishop in his organization allegedly for payment. According to sources close to the soon to be consecrated bishop he makes on average $50,000 monthly in speaking engagements (running around the country prophesying and raising the famous faith offering). Additionally, about two or more years ago Dr. Shawn Benjamin Brown fell victim to Bloomer. The pastor from Florida was told to plant a ministry in Atlanta that would be in Bloomer’s organization and he agreed to pay 50% of Dr. Brown’s expenses to make the move. After putting down money on a house and a location to have services Bloomer got lost.

Due to the overwhelming request for the information now I decided to move with my story much sooner than I planned (note information is still being collected). According to the attorney of the defrauded couple, Bishop Bloomer knows how to reach his business partners that have all of a sudden gotten lost. This sounds a great deal like the reason Bishop Eddie Long is being sued by ten of his former members for $100,000,000. Allegedly there is a network of con-artist working with money hungry pastors throughout the nation defrauding their members out of hunks and chunks of money.

Bishop Bloomer totally denies knowing Dr. Shawn Benjamin Brown at all and in a converstion this morning he stated that he never told him to move to Atlanta. He also shared that he did not invest any money with Ron or David and he did not tell the Mayor Oates or her husband, Pastor Oates to invest a dime with the two men that are missing in action because of reasons he was not willing to share. Thoughout his comments he shared the he felt that church needed a watch-dog reporter such as myself, but to not accuse him of something he did not do, he added that he had also filed a law suit aganist the two men. However, it was intresting that he would need to sue them himself if he never invested a dime with their alleged compnay.

As this story develops I will share information on the rumors of sexual encounters that will be just as shocking if not more than this man setting up his members to loose their money for his selfish gain!