Sex Scandal At Faithful Central Has Ties To Oakland–Troyvoi Hicks Youth Pastor Also Was A High School Principal!

Posted on December 5, 2011


Troyvoi Hicks, former Youth Pastor at Faithful Central Bible Church, comes to Bay Area School and allegedly continues sexual molestation upon young boys

As a direct result of the piece on the Sex Scandal at Faithful Central it as been discovered that Troyvoi Hicks allegedly molested teenage boys while a principal at a school in Oakland, California. Real all if the details below. Thanks to the Obnoxious Street Committee for this one. Dion Evans for his amazing investigative reporting. It seems that after sharing the story a person on Facebook informed us of Troyvoi’s link to Oakland. Note in all fairness this is all alleged and Troyvoi has not been charged with any crime. Additionally he was honest and shared with his ex-wife Ingrid that he had participated in homosexual behavior prior to their marriage and that God delivered him.

Troyvoi Hicks, central figure in the book LIFE AFTER THE DOWN LOW, written by his ex-wife – Ingrid Michelle – was never reported to authorities when substantiated allegations of his molesting young parishioners at the Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, CA – Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, Pastor – was revealed to its leadership.

Instead of the Church Leadership ensuring the protection of its young children by contacting the proper legal authorities – the Youth Pastors and others embroiled in this sex scandal – were allowed to leave the congregation of their own free will and without any form of monitoring.

In an earlier report, it was stated that Troyvoi Hicks left Faithful Center following a $200,000 to $300,000 settlement paid out to the family of an accuser. However, many other accusers – also former attendees of Faithful Central – were never granted that same justice or opportunity to address the aftermath resulting from the cover up of sex scandals of which they were also involved.

In an interview with Mr. Hicks, he acknowledged that homosexuality was wrong and that it took him “2 years to come to the understanding that he needed to take responsibility for his actions.” Although this may be factual, the travesty remains that Hicks was never held responsible for those actions by any legal authority. He credits his life change to the LIVING WATERS ministries in Southern California. Still those life changes are questioned by some as he openly displays photos of his “two sons” on one prominent social network website.

It has been reported that Mr. Hicks is father to one adopted son – who is now in the custody of his ex-wife – and another “play son” by the name of DeAndre West – who is currently rumored to be living with him.


Following Hick’s departure from Faithful Central he took up residence in Oakland, CA where he was employed at Lionel Wilson College Preparatory School; apart of the Aspire Public Schools system. During his employment it was discovered that Hicks had committed improprieties there as well, and those also relating to child pornography.

Sources describe images were found on Hick’s computer of a young boy naked and posing on a bed. That same young male was a student at Lionel Wilson College Prep. Hicks was fired from his position at the school, but was never formally reported to any authority or provided follow up monitoring.

After his firing, Hicks was reported to have stopped by the home one of his male students to explain the occurrences of the day. The mother of that young man, Trina Lomack, shared in an interview, “Troyvoi Hicks came unannounced to my house and told me he’d stop by to tell me he was no longer going to be working at the school…that it was in the “best interest of the school and himself to move on.” The truth was – rumors had already begun to surface regarding Hicks being a pedophile.

Trina’s son– Ameer Carminer – attended Lionel Wilson College Preparatory school during his 8th and 9th grade academic years. Following Hick’s firing, Ameer, according to his mother, decided abruptly to move to Augusta, Georgia to live with his older sister in order to finish out his High School education. Trina questioned her son regarding Hicks’ visits to their home and as to why Hicks was always texting his phone. In a private interview she shared, “I confronted Principal Hicks about the rumors and he denied them. He told me that what I was hearing was not true. So, I asked him why did he get fired?”

Trina continued to ask that question until sources at Lionel Wilson College Prep shared what had allegedly transpired between the Principal and some of his young male students.

In the interview with Trina Lomack she was asked, “Was your son Ameer molested by Principle Hicks?” Her answer was “Yes! My son was molested by Hicks…he was fondled and kissed by Hicks” but when asked by family member whether he was ever penetrated by Hicks – Ameer emphatically denied such an event ever took place.

Ameer, still living in Augusta, Georgia, was contacted regarding setting an interview to discuss these findings from his vantage point. His response to the request was, “I can neither confirm nor deny these things took place.”

Trina, mother of Ameer, obtained phone records of her son’s cell phone bill and discovered long after Troyvoi Hicks was fired from Lionel Carter Wilson College Prep, he was still secretly sending the teenager messages by text.

Trina shared, “Even after my son left the school I would go up there and confront them as to why parents were not informed of what had transpired at the school during Principal Hicks.” She also wanted to know why the school hadn’t told her that Hicks had molested her son Ameer. “I called Troyvoi Hicks on several opportunities to find out from him why he molested by son and each time he hangs up in my face,” stated Trina.

Sources reveal various Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Staff, now local area high school Principals and staffers in the Oakland and Emeryville Public School Districts, knew full well of the sexual molestation rumors regarding Hicks and had also seen the naked photo of the student discovered on Principal Troyvoi Hicks’ computer, but never contacted local authorities.


In the same interview, as earlier stated, with Hicks he shared, “I was tired of the desire to having sex with men, but it was not always wanted, I was inclined – not desired.” He further shared, “I got married hoping this desire would go away, but it didn’t go away.” However, Hicks firmly states, “I am not a pedophile, but I need real healing – not pseudo-healing.”

Hicks’ own sexuality, allegedly, began with being molested at age 5. His perpetrator would repeat the offense several times afterwards – however, he desired in this interview not to divulge any names or circumstances surrounding the incidents. He shared only that, “I was confused sexually very young and it caused me to experiment.” When asked why he gravitated toward young boys Hicks shared, “I want to be in a position to help boys who have the same struggle as I.”

As he reflected on his time at Faithful Central Bible Church he expressed, “I shared too much and it cost me…I hurt a lot of people. I offered an apology, but was told it was not appropriate for me to engage with people in the church. I was not granted any forgiveness.”


Currently, Troyvoi Hicks is a staff member at STUDENTS A.L.I.V.E. (Students Always Learning Is Victorious Education) in Southern California. His Staff Bio reads: “Troyvoi Hicks, Ed.M. – Since his leadership days in junior high, when he protested city-wide cutbacks of after school activities at an Oakland Public School board meeting, Troyvoi Hicks has been passionate about serving young people. After teaching and administrating at a progressive private middle school in Southern California, he joined the charter school movement in his hometown Oakland, California and assumed the role of founding principal at Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy for 6 years. Hicks witnessed his first two graduating classes earn a 100% four-year college acceptance rate while his similar school’s state ranking grew from a 1 to an 8 (out of a possible 10) in just 5 years. With over 12 years as a teacher, administrator and middle and high school principal, Hicks began coaching and consulting with schools, districts and organizations to improve school leadership and student achievement in public schools. He earned his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College and his Masters in Educational Leadership and Administration from San Jose State University.”

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