The Offical List Of The 2011 Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Men To Be Consecrated Bishop At The 104th Holy Convocation!

Posted on October 21, 2011


Everyone is talking about the 2011 Class being the largest class in the History of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) and not many of you know who they are so let me introduce the men the will be consecrated as bishop at the 104th Holy Convocation of the Church Of God In Christ. Now here is the official list, but you know it might be some last minute changes.

2011 Auxiliary Bishop Designates to be Consecrated

Bishop Designate Edgar Lewis Allen, Jr. Auxiliary Bishop, Illinois Sixth Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Cornelius Ellis Anderson, Jr. Auxiliary Bishop,North Carolina Second Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Junious Augustus Blake Jr. Auxiliary Bishop, Southern California First Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Welton Lee Lawrence Auxiliary Bishop, Canada/Michigan Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Otis Lockett Auxiliary Bishop,North Carolina Second Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Charles Glenn Nauden Auxiliary Bishop, Southern California Second Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Enoch Perry, III Auxiliary Bishop, District of Columbia Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate David Morrell Screven Auxiliary Bishop, Eastern Pennsylvania Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Jackie Cortez Vaughn Auxiliary Bishop,Eastern Missouri First Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Frank Anthone White Auxiliary Bishop, Eastern New York Third Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate James Hunt, Auxiliary Bishop, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania

2011 Jurisdictional Bishop Designates to be Consecrated

Bishop Designate Rance Lee Allen Prelate, Michigan Northwest Harvest Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Abraham Forcheney Prelate,Panama Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Ronnie Michel Gibson Prelate, Dominican RepublicJurisdiction

Bishop Designate David Allen Hall, Sr. Prelate,Tennessee Headquarters Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Norman Odell Harper Prelate, SouthCentral GeorgiaJurisdiction

Bishop Designate David Leon Herron Prelate, Ohio Central East Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Michael Eugene Hill Prelate, Greater Lakes First Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Samuel Byron Hogan Prelate, Massachusetts First Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Joseph Eddie Hogan, Sr. Prelate, North Central Georgia Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Loran Edward Mann Prelate,Vermont Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Christopher Edwin Milton Prelate, Southern California Evangelistic Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Juan LaRue Morrison Prelate,Central Illinois Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Emmitt Louis Nevels Prelate,Ohio Central West Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Leon Dennis Pamphile Prelate, Haiti Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Edgar Lloyd Scott Prelate, Pennsylvania Central Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Ervin Sims, Jr. Prelate, Republic of Ghana Jurisdiction

Bishop Designate Detroit Williams Prelate, Central Florida First Jurisdiction

Derrick Merer

Word is that a man by the name of Derrick Mercer wrote a letter to the General Board during the Bishops Conference that Bishop Designate Williams did some inappropriate things to back in 1981 that must have had some major weight because Williams is said to have stepped down and did not make the Bishop Class the first week of October in Memphis. Now this is not something that the average person would want to admit, but Mercer was not ashamed after all these years.  Church officals asked Bishop Designate Williams to submit to a polygraph test, which he failed.  It seems that Derrick Mercer claims are true!!

Bishop Designate Junius Earl Williams Prelate, Arkansas Fourth Jurisdiction

According to sources that was in the class some of the men asked a great deal of questions that made a number of their fellow brothers wonder how connected they are to the Chruch Of God In Christ (COGIC) and frankly they did not display qualities to be a good bishop. Additionally, it was one man that seemed to have some major issues with the leagal documents the men were required to sign. It seems that th men are requried to sign over thier church to the national church and that was a major problem for one of the men on the list!

Note:  The Photo appears above the name if there is a name some no photos were found.