Howard Creecy’s Death Due To Blunt Force Head Trauma–Was He Killed By Accident!!!

Posted on August 18, 2011


The Rev. Howard Creecy Jr., President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), suffered “blunt force head trauma” before he died July 28th, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office.
A spokesman for the medical examiner’s office said Friday that Creecy’s death certificate lists the 57-year-old minister’s death as accidental, but his death was not of a heart attack as previously reported.

The popular pastor, Creecy – pastor of The Olivet Baptist Church in Fayetteville, took over leadership of the SCLC in January. He was inside his Atlanta home at the top of stairs and somehow lost his balance and fell down the stairs, stated the medical examiner’s office. Creecy struck his head on the way down, causing the deadly trauma and was pronounced dead at 1:56 a.m. July 28th at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Creecy’s family suspected he had suffered a heart attack. However, the death certificate, does not list heart attack as a cause of death and there is no evidence Pastor Creecy had one before falling down the stairs.

It is not clear what actually happen in the house before Creecy fell or what caused his fall, but questions arise. Did he hit his head during the fall and that caused him to die or was he hit in the head with and object and that was the cause of him falling and dying? Finally, could he have been pushed down the stairs to fall to his death? All of the above questions are being whispered all over the country and especially out of Atlanta.

It has been said that Yolanda Grier Creecy, wife of Pastor Creecy, has been questioned several times by the police, but was not suspected of any foul play.

Read some of the e-mails that were sent suggesting something far more serious might have happen to Dr. Creecy –


Please keep a close eye on The Olivet Church. Dr. Creecy’s passing leaves this church (and the first lady) with a very uncertain future.
The Olivet Church started out as Olivet Baptist Church founded by Rev. Dr. Howard Creecy, Sr when the board of Mt. Moriah asked him to leave. Rev. Creecy, Sr.’s health started failing Rev. Creecy, Jr. was asked to leave St. Peter in SW Atlanta and come to Olivet. At that point Rev. Creecy, Sr. had two sons that were ministers. Gardner Creecy passed away in 2008 and now Howard Creecy, Jr. in 2011. To the best of my knowledge, there are no more Creecy preachers in the family.

Mr. McCray,

Olivet is basically owned and operated by the Howard Creecy, Sr. family. He had only been married to Yolanda Grier Creecy for a few years at the time of his death. Her story is very interesting… (I will let you uncover the details and then maybe I can elaborate with what I know) She is the executive administrator at the church. Dr. Creecy has one biological daughter that he has raised since infancy named Teresa. SHE WAS HIS EVERYTHING! While I am sure that he loved his wife, his daughter had been the love of his life.
I encourage you to do your research on this. In the coming months this is going to be very interesting.


Story tip for you. Have you heard all of the rumors about Yolanda Creecy and her being questioned by the police at least three times about the death of Howard Creecy. It was said that he was due to fly out on that night to LA and he missed his flight or got bumped and he went home. He and Yolanda had been having a great deal of problems, to my understanding and that her ex-husband who just got out of prison my have been back in the picture. Anyway he is dead and it was not of a heart attack but a blow to the head and she had a $700,000 policy on him and has already got her a new condo. Something is up and I know you will get to the bottom of it.

It has been said that something strange may have happen in the Yolanda’s previous marriage, however – all of this is just rumors and speculation. Yolanda’s former husband, Howard, expressed publicly and boasted often of his love regarding his bride – Yolanda. His untimely death, unfortunately, brought great drama to the family along with a number of unanswered questions.

Regarding Creecy, his death certificate does note he suffered from hypertension, or high blood pressure, which has been known to increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Creecy, a third-generation preacher and Morehouse College graduate, was SCLC interim president when he took over permanently on Jan. 30th.

After months of turmoil over leadership and finances within the organization, Creecy was seen as a stabilizing force who could take the 54-year-old organization, co-founded by Martin Luther King Jr., forward and ensure a more sound footing.

Due to this feud, Rev. Markel Huttchins was asked to leave Creecy’s Homegoing Service just five short minutes after he arrived. In a very classy manner Yolanda asked Huttchins to come to her while she was seated on the front row of Jackson Memorial. After a hug and exchanging words from her lips to his ear he quickly left the service.

Sources close to the family and SCLC say that Rev. Creecy was still very upset with Markel and the negative attention his lawsuit caused the historic organization.

Unfortunately, the rumors do not stop there. Creecy’s daughter – whom he affectionately called “Woman” – spoke beautifully at her father’s homegoing service. She has been made the executer of his estate and has move back into her father’s home along with Creecy’s ex-wife; her mother. Teresa was engaged to Atlanta based rapper Young Dro (who is on TI’s label Grand Hustle). Seems that was a little to close for comfort for Yolanda and she moved out.

After Creecy’s death, King’s nephew, Isaac Newton Farris Jr., was named interim president. The SCLC is continuing to make plans for its annual convention Aug. 14-16 in Atlanta, and its leadership is expected to be high on the agenda.

Creecy served for nearly three decades as Fulton County’s chaplain, and in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article last year – he was noted as having presided over more than 10,000 pauper’s burials.

“I have a responsibility to see my clients have dignity in death,” Creecy said of the poor buried by the County, “I try to provide that for them.”

It was standing room only just a week ago at the service honoring Creecy. Jackson Memorial Baptist Church was jammed packed with elected officials, civil rights leaders, and a host of men and women clergy. Although, Gregory Sutton was his best friend, the man he called pastor after the death of his father, Rev. Jasper Williams, Jr. preached the eulogy. Not one person could sit on Jasper after his soul stirring words and musical tribute.

The Wednesday prior to his funeral a Candle Light Visual was held at the headquarters of the SCLC. Rev. Mitzi Bickers presided over that touching service in his honor. Isaac Newton Farris gave great remarks about this good friend along with a host of other pastors in the Atlanta area and elected officials. Yolanda was present in a kaki colored linen dress and big sunglasses greeted a number of the attendees and SCLC staff.

It seems that something very serious is going on regarding Creecy’s death due to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office saying that none of the records on Creecy are being released at this time. Additionally, the moment a person makes an inquiry a supervisor is requested to respond. The supervisor stated he could not release a copy of the report under the Open Records Act, but a request could be made in writing. However, he did say that Howard Creecy did not have a heart attack at all, but in fact died due to blunt force head trauma. He could not answer if he was pushed and hit his head during a fall or if he fell and hit his head. The death of such a great man remains a mystery!

He is survived by his wife – Yolanda Grier Creecy, and two daughters – Teresa and Kennedy. Each of them had a daughter from their previous marriages.

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