Will Matthew Brown Become The Next Pastor of the Late Bishop Chandler David Owens Church? Greater Community COGIC and Central Georgia Update

Posted on May 27, 2011


Just as I told you things are heating up at Greater Community Church Of God In Christ real fast.  As you well know Greater is the church pastored by the Late Bishop Chandler David Owens, former Presiding Bishop of the church, who departed this life on March 7 and the fight is on for who will inherit his local church.  It seems that Matthew Brown might be appointed pastor of the church very soon and was not ever mentored by Bishop Owens.  It is a disgrace to Bishop Owens legacy to have a man come from over 1000 miles away to take over his church.  Bishop Owens did not impart into the lives of the Elders at this church that he pastured or what about one of his sons in the Gospel to continue in their Spiritual Father’s footsteps and not a man that hardly knew him. 

A group of the members, ministers, and elders are not going to take it lying down and they seem to be ready to put up a fight.  Greater Community was more than dysfunctional when Bishop Owens relocated to Georgia after the death of the former pastor, John Deal Husband, who technically was not a bishop when he died due to his having been removed as the leader in the midst of a great scandal.  Surely it is someone at the local church or at least in the jurisdiction qualified to pastor Greater.  However, they might not ever get the chance.  The Board of Directors, most recently called, seem to be in support of someone else coming in over the men that have served at the local church.  The Boards ideas of what it takes to be a good leader are more than flawed.  This same Board of Trustees could not plan a proper service for Bishop Owens nor did they even live up to the COGIC tradition of draping the church in black fabric when the pastor dies. 

Check out an e-mail that was sent to me today by a member of Greater Community that his mad about the way things are going down now that the mourning is over and life must go on!  Note none of the members of the Obnoxious Media staff wrote this e-mail, but thought it important to share it with you our readers. 

I am a concerned member at Greater Community and I feel that we have sat down and kept quiet long enough. I feel that the public should be aware of the deceit and disrespect that is currently transpiring at the church. This is a detail of events that has taken place up to now and even Ray Charles can see the underhand dealings that have been taking place. For starters, there are a handful of people on the “Trustee Board” that somehow feel the church belongs to them. There are also several members of one family that holds prominent positions in the church. This is nepotism of the highest degree. One brother is the chief finance officer of the church, one brother is the chairman of the Deacon’s Board, his wife is the chairperson of the Deacon’s Wives, their sister is over the entire Women’s Department, a daughter in law is over the Hospitality Department, a niece is over the Sunshine band and her husband takes care of the church property. There is also a power hungry former UPS executive, who was forced to retire from his job due to his son stealing millions of dollars from celebrities that he said he was investing and never did invest one dime, at the church and a miserable Trustee Board Chairperson. These are the individuals that feel Greater Community belongs to them and the other members of the church have no say so. They can do what they want to with our tithe and offerings and don’t tell us anything. We don’t even know how much money we have in the treasure. It’s pathetic! The preachers at the church are treated as second class citizens. In every other COGIC that I’ve attended the Elders are the most respected group in the church, and here it seems that one family and the famed “Trustee Board” is running the church. I wish Bishop Owens hadn’t allowed this to happen. It is too far gone now and most of us feel that it’s just about time to leave. When Bishop Owens became ill you could see the want to be power players ascending to their roles. Now that he is gone it has become intolerable and I must expose it before my departure.

     When Bishop Owens died the National Church sent Bishop Daniels down here to assist the church and the jurisdiction during their transitional periods. Since day one he has sucked up to the Trustee Board so much that it makes me sick to my stomach. He even ordained a dead man (husband of the miserable Trustee Board Chairman, who Bishop Owens said would never become an Elder due to his slapping one of the church mothers after service one Sunday Morning) in his attempt to continue to woo them. It was brought to my attention that he regularly meets with them and even do conference calls, but the two times he met with the preachers, I heard that he only gave them orders and told them what they can’t do. During the church’s “period of mourning,” Bishop Daniels said that he would be sending preachers to the church and that our local preachers shouldn’t preach because they needed to grieve also. We all now see that this was his way of slipping in his boy Matthew Brown and the rest is history. Bishop Daniels is one of the most cunning and craftiest individuals you’ll ever meet. If Matt Brown was only here to preach during our period of mourning, then how in the world did he become the front runner for the church?  He was handpicked by Daniels and Blake to take over Bishop Owens’ church. A man from the projected enemy’s camp to succeed our pastor and the members at Greater Community just sit back and allow this to happen. The question of the day is WHO IS MATTHEW BROWN? Since he was strategically placed on the alleged enemy’s territory to get Blake’s foot in the door (something Blake could not do when our Pastor was alive).  Because of the bitterness that remained between Bishops Blake and Owens, Blake was not even allowed to see Bishop before his death. Now Blake’s co-campaign manager and special assistance is going to come take over his church? A man Bishop Owens never spoke to in his life is about to take over something he invested his life in! Who is Matthew Brown?????? He is from Buffalo, N.Y., the same hometown as the UPS exec. He is a personal friend of Bishop Daniels and a special assistant to Bishop Blake. He played a vital role in Bishop Blake’s victory over Bishop Owens in the election for Presiding Bishop. Yes, he is a great motivational speaker, a soft spoken, well versed individual but he doesn’t labor among us and we know nothing about him. The rumors surrounding his reputation are circulating all over the country and our church has been through enough. The face of our church should not be a man that has divorced 2 wives, fathered a child out of wedlock and have inappropriate behavior rumors circulating. The membership was unaware of any of this and it was Daniels desire to keep this silent until he could appoint his good friend and Blake loyalist. These are question that the members of Greater Community should ask: What happen to your first marriage? He told the pastoral search committee at Greater Community that she didn’t want to be married to a preacher so she divorced him. Could it have been the extra child?  What happen to your second marriage? He told the search committee that she was an alcoholic and he could no longer stay with her. What led her to drinking? Was it something you did? Was she an alcoholic before you married her? Let’s catch up with the two ex-wives and hear their side of the story. A pastor can counsel others but do they bail out on their own wives when they have these type problems or do they stay committed. Why are you leaving Buffalo and the members that hung in there with you before you got too big? They paid your bills, hung in there despite the rumors, was loyal to you, and now you’re abandoning them? They even took you back when you tried unsuccessfully to become the pastor of Bishop Sherman Howard’s church (in D.C.) when he died. What’s the real reason you’re trying to get out of town?  Why did you tell the selection committee that you would not be able to move to Georgia for a year and that you could only be there twice a month and that you could run the church from your laptop while you were in N.Y.? Is that what we really need, a part time pastor? Let me get this right. You will be on 2 full time salaries working part time at two churches? Geez, you da man! I’ll do it too if I had gullible people to fall for the okie doke.  So folks what if he decides to quit after 10 months salary. Builds up his bank account then hits the road. I’m sure when a larger congregation that’s closer to Blake comes available then he’ll leave us behind in the dust like the 2 wives and the grieving church he’s abandoning. PEOPLE WAKE UP! It’s a set up and we’re sleeping behind the wheel. We need to protest, make a stand and take God’s house back before it’s too late.          

      Lastly, let’s take one more look at Daniels. What about the night of the polling. He said the top 3 candidates would be allowed to return to preach. This was not a vote for pastor but only to see who would be invited back to preach? First of all why didn’t he use one of the superintendents that were present or the preacher over the State Elders’ counsel to assist him in the ballot count. Bishop Owens’ son collected the ballots and handed them all to Bishop Daniel. We didn’t like that either. But what happen to the third place finisher. It appeared all set up. He comes in and preaches one time and gets 67 votes. The next person gets 38 votes and no one else is even close. What happen to the other 50 votes? He didn’t get over 50% of the vote so what’s up with that? Since it was a stormy night and only 150 people showed up, why couldn’t it have been rescheduled for a Sunday Morning after service?  An important issue like that should have total church involvement. The Trustee board members had schemed and made sure all their friends and family were there despite the weather conditions, so we’ll take that as a valuable lesson. But we’ll be ready next time!

     Rumor has it that Bishop Daniels will be appointing Brown sometime in the middle of June. Daniels told the church that he’s remodeling a home down here. Could that possibly be the new residence of his boy Brown? I’ve seen 2 or 3 cars that suppose to belong to Daniels so maybe he’ll leave one of them for his boy also. Brown will be preaching at Greater Community on the first Sunday in June and then Daniels will be there on the following Sunday. Daniels said that he would consult with the former first lady, the Bishop Designee and the pastoral selection committee before he makes a decision. That’s yet to be determined. By the way, the search committee consists of the same 2 brothers that’s over the deacons and finance departments and a mother in law of one them, the miserable trustee board chairlady, the former UPS exec and his sister in law (that left the church and is not a current member), as well as a few others that decisions will be overlooked. Saints all we can do is be in prayer because if the church controllers prevail, there indeed will be a Greater Community exodus!   

Bishop Daniels most not have been aware that a group of the members of Greater feel this way.  Some have said the Matthew Brown was only to preach once during the 30 day mourning period.  However, a few of the members liked him so much they suggested he apply to become the next pastor. 

Moreover, the person or persons that thought this were ill informed and no one with an address outside of Georgia should even be considered to be pastor of the church period. 

Additionally, according to the COGIC Constitution only a jursdictional bishop can appoint a local pastor.  Since Norman O’deal Haper has not been offically installed yet Greater’s pulpit should remain open with Bishop Daniels as interim pastor until such time.  Elder Todd, who was a son to Bishop Owens and has worked in the local church for twenty years should not so easily be over looked.  He nor any other elder at the church should go without proper consideration.  Todd has served as the church administrator and during Bishop Owens 9 week stay in the hospital he preached and picked speakers to encourage the members.  How could something like this even be happening?  Guess what it is not going to happen!  In all fairness to Elder Matthew Brown, who I am sure is a good man, he could not be aware of these great concerns about the possiblity of his coming to Georgia.  Greater might make him the pastor of a building, but the people will be gone!  A man out of the local church or the jursidiction should be the pastor and that is the bottom line!