The Walter Hawkins Family Feud: Jamie Hawkins Splits Love Center Church!

Posted on May 17, 2011


The Walter Hawkins Family Feud:  Jamie Hawkins Splits Love Center Church!


Jamie Hawkins, son of the late Walter Hawkins and former Youth Pastor, is not wanted by the masses at Love Center.  On yesterday after he closed his sermon Jamie asked that the members present to gather around the alter for a very important announcement.  With great hesitation in his voice Jamie shared that he could no longer continue to do it every week.  Obnoxious has learned from insiders at Love Center that Jamie said it was very difficult to pastor a personality driven church and Love Center is in fact such a church.  Jamie had recently made a number of decisions without the approval of a Board of Trustees established by his father during the later part of his illness.  Jamie said that he would do what God said weather the board agreed or not. 


Read an e-mail sent to Obnoxious by a member of Love Center addressing all of the issues with Jamie Hawkins as the pastor (note this is the copy of the e-mail sent to Obnoxious Media by a member of Love Center, this was not written by Obnoxious nor a staff member of Obnoxious Media):

Since Jamie Hawkins has taken over the Love center church it was been a mess!!!! People have been leaving, having meetings.

The reason why:

1) Jamie has lied-

Jamie told Love Center that is auntie Lynette Hawkins Re-signed as minister of music when Walter Hawkins passed. The truth

is he sent her an email telling her she was fired!! This came out in a meeting when the email was placed on the praise & worship screens and


Read out loud to the church. Once the email was read Jamie stated ” I didn’t fired her”



2) Theology- Jamie’s theology is everywhere. He sat down Pastor McFarland, a Co-pastor of the church for 30 years because he was gay.

Jamie had a meeting with all the ministers and pastors and publicly asked pastor McFarland was he gay. Pastor McFarland didn’t lie but told the truth that he is in a same sex relationship. Once that was stated Jamie told Pastor Mcfarland he was sat down. The church heard about this and by Thursday the members we HOT.

A meeting was held on Sunday afternoon and Pastor McFarland was put back as one of the pastors of Love Center. BUT being hurt from this whole process Pastor McFarland re-signed and left Love Center and his lover left the church also.



3) Motives- before Jamie was pastor he wanted to stop the ” gayness” at love center and started certain people will be fired and released one being Rusty Watson, pastor McFarland & pastor Sandie. He’s not in building mode but I’m the boss mode



4) The Board- Before Walter passed he changed the churches polices to….. NO decisions can be made without the board of love center approval. Jamie has not been founding this and has been doing what ever he wants



5) Edwin Hawkins– Because of the crazy every week and the attendance going down. Edwin 2 weeks had a meeting in Oakland at a hall. Stating ” He loves his nephew but he needs to go to theological school and get more training.” In this meeting the conversation was to put Jamie in school to learn church doctrine. We will see if this happen.



The word is Jamie may get sat down by the board of love center because of all of this.

Jamie wasn’t that active when Walter was alive because he was on tour, once Walter got really sick he play the keys on Sunday and that’s it.

Jamie was never stated god called him to preach he was made a pastor without the call to preach.


The church has two group now. The….. We support Jamie people (under 34 years old no money, teaching and not faithful. And the Jamie all the way down people (which are the people 35 and up, faithful members with money, and teaching.)

this is the drama.

WestCoastTruth 1



A number of members of LoveCenterincluding Jamie’s uncle, Edwin Hawkins, felt that Jamie was not pastor material.  Jamie did state the he would start Bible Study at his grandmother’s restaurant, Louis The Pie Queen, in West Oakland.  In a rather frank way he informed the members present at Love Center during his announcement, it was the same woman that signed the papers for his father, Walter Hawkins, to purchase a building to start Love Center and it is now her son that is allowing him to start his church.  Tramaine and her family are at the rescue again!  The son of Gospel Legends Walter and Tramaine Hawkins must be very difficult shoes to fill.  Was Jamie to harsh or the members stuck in the shadow of their deceased leader Walter Hawkins to move forward? 


Never once did Jamie use the words resigning, but he said he must begin again.  In fact that is what this church split will be a new beginning for Jamie and the members that will follow him.  Most individuals will not like the idea of Obnoxious saying that Love Center has split, but that is in fact what has and will happen.  The members that were pleased with Jamie will follow and support him and the ones left behind will have to work to pick up the pieces.  The son of the founder and pastor did not last six months as pastor for his deceased father’s church.  It was no longer business as usual and Jamie said he was following the leading of the Lord when he fired individuals even if they were family.


Jamie Hawkins most likely was going to be removed by the Board of Trustees of Love Center so he was allowed to save the church and himself any additional embarrassment and step down.  Perhaps he may have been doing the right thing or things that should have been done all along, but we will never know.  Who will become the pastor of Love Center now?  It remains to be seen what will become of the church now and if Jamie should have been allowed to stay and work with the board.  The first year after the death of a pastor would be difficult at best, but the son should have been given a greater opportunity to continue his father’s work.  If the board and his Uncle Edwin were not pleased with Jamie, put him on probation!   Allow Jamie to at least have a year to gown into the office of pastor.  This young man has not had proper time to heal after suffering such a great loss of his father and to so quickly take on the awesome responsibilities of the church he founded and pastored

Jamie should set LoveCenter on fire and watch it burn to the ground rather then allow someone else to pastor his father’s church!