New Hope Baptist Church Rev. Hubert Garnett Gets Suspended Pending Investigation of His Alleged Affair With An 18 Year Old Member!

Posted on May 13, 2011


Rev. Hubert Garnett, Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church and his wife.

The pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Oakland is in some major trouble!  Rev. Hubert Garnett stood in his pulpit during a Sunday Morning service about three weeks ago and repented to his congregation about making some inappropriate remarks to an 18 year-old member.  Garnett has been suspended with pay pending an investigation that is being conducted by the Deacon and Trustee Boards of New Hope.   A number of the associate ministers and guest preachers have come in to conduct services.  Presently, Garnett is still the pastor of New Hope, but it might not be for long if he did more than just say something to the young lady.

According to Obnoxious inside sources Garnett is rumored to have done more than talk to the young lady that sought out counseling from the pastor.  Church insiders say that this is not the type of young girl that would have been caught up in some wrong doing with the pastor. 

She is young, naïve, and most likely very surprised to have been approached by Garnett.  However, insiders say that a great deal more than talking went on between the two of them.  And to make matters worse she is the relative of a trustee at New Hope.  Whispers of a possible affair had began to move through the congregation so much that Garnett felt that he had to address the matter directly at the advice of his long time friend Rev. Gordon Humphrey, pastor of Olivet Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, California.  Humphrey shared with Olivet about twenty years ago that his girlfriend was pregnant outside of marriage.  But New Hope is not going to be as forgiving of Garnett as Olivet was of Humphrey

New Hope members are divided on if they are in support of Garnett or the young lady.  One key member that did not want his name mentioned said Garnett is on his way out.   The immoral actions by the pastor is wrong and he took advantage of a young female is irreprehensible.  He went on to say that he has the power and a strong voice in the church and will make sure his days are numbered.  In fact he does not give Garnett more than a month at the church. 

Obnoxious made calls to the church today and spoke to church’s secretary, who was more than shaken up by the call and refused to answer any questions, but she did say that Pastor Garnett was on administrative leave.  The secretary said the chairman of the Deacon Board, Deacon Stallworth would call to give his account of the matter. 

Rev. Garnett is a good man and I am behind him 100%, but I am talking with all the parties involved and it seems to be nothing more than gossip,” Stallworth shared.  “Garnett should have never addressed the matter over the pulpit because it did not do anything, but make matters worse.”

Garnett must felt he did not have any other choice than to go public.  It remains to be seen if he will continue as the Moderator of the Home and Foreign Missions District for the National Baptist Convention.  As the moderator he oversees 38 other churches.  All of them have been notified and it said they are waiting to see what New Hope does before they take action. 

Stallworth stated that he was trying to get his investigation wrapped up before the district convention in August in Oakland.  Presently no charges have been filed due to the young lady being of legal age in the State of California.  The chairman of the deacon board did say that the girl had spoken to family about Rev. Garnett liking her and making advances.  He was not clear on if she had taken him up on his advances but feels it is nothing more than rumors.

It is a great deal more than rumors if he admitted to the church with his wife sitting in there that he said something he should not have.  Where there is smoke there is fire and it is a great deal more to this story that what is being said.  Garnett clearly is not using good judgment talking to or trying to hook up with a girl in his congregation that is related to member of the Trustee or Deacon Board.  Garnett was thinking with his head and not the one on his shoulders.  Additionally, he and his wife have been persona non grata at New Hope since he made the grand announcement about his comments to the young lady. 

Obnoxious will keep you posted!  How sad that another one of our black preachers has fallen by the waste side because he could not control the lust of his own flesh.   If the allegations are true and some aspect of them are due to his public apology and admission of guilt, Garnett should be removed as pastor of New Hope, but not for wanting to have sex with a young hot girl, but for being so stupid!