Who Will Be The Next Bishop Of Central Georgia (COGIC)?

Posted on April 29, 2011


Talking about Hot Lanta, more than just the weather is heatingup in the ATL–it is really getting popping hot as it gets close to the final days just before voting.  Bishop Chandler David Owens seat is open and there are eight men running to be the next Prelate of the Central Georgia Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ.  Georgia is on the minds of everyone in the entire denomination as to who will fill the large shoes of Owens.  The man that was once the Presiding Bishop of COGIC marked the first to pass not in office.  Bishop Owens left no clear indication of who he would have liked to succeed him so his seat is up for grabs.  In the tradition of the COGIC there is a 30 day morning period following the death of a bishop.  However, Obnoxious knows the men that were making calls the same day he closed his eyes.

Owens death came as a shock!  Just three days after Christmas he was rushed to the hospital with an undetermined illness that claimed his life nine weeks later.  One man in particular was making calls while the saints were praying for Owens recovery.  Not so Christ-like, but we know that everyone in church is not saved even if they are the pastor.  Let me not go to far, due to all the promises I made when asked not to sling mud about individuals running for bishop so I will attempt to do my best, but I will give you some hints.  You can read between the lines and on the line!

As previously reported by Obnoxious the candidates for bishop are the following (In the same exact order as their names were called  at the jurisdictional meeting):

Bishop Jesse DeLanoEllis, Bishop Kenneth Obi, Arthur Mosley, Bishop Bobby Henderson, Superintendent Norman O’Deal Harper, Superintendent Walter Fleming, BishopbPaul Fortson, and Superintendent Joseph E. Hogan


Now you know most of these men are not doing anything, but wasting their and everyone else’s time by running.  Clearly there are only two serious candidates running and they are Norman Harper and Joseph Hogan.  May 4, 2011 it all goes down.  Bishop Blake along with four other members of
the General Board:  Bishop P. A. Brooks, Bishop Daniels, Bishop W. W. Hamilton, and Bishop White, will conduct a meeting with all the pastors
of the jurisdiction to hear from the men that have offered themselves for bishop.  It is only one choice and that is the right choice!