D-Nice Got Divorced from Melinda Williams Because His Jump Off Is Pregnat!

Posted on April 20, 2011


Malinda Melinda Williams is amazing!  Everytime Obnoxious has had and opprtunity to interview her she has been the sweetest thing.  Plus D-Nice has always been our boy so when the two of them got married they made the perfect couple.  However, we learned that even though D-Nice is no longer rapping he still has some of the dirty old ways in his system.   

However, last year she and her hubby D-Nice split after being married only 6 months. Word we got from members of our “Street Committee” is that D Nice was CHEATING (plus more and that he is broke.  Spinning the records at parties is not going to cut it.).  So the easitest was to get over his wife was to get on top of another chick or she might have been one of the chicks he was banging while he was briefly married.  The jump off that has now moved up to girlfriend status is pregnat out of wedlock.  Yep they are going to have a little bastard if D-Nice does not do the right thing and marry this chick.

Needless to say we are not very happy about this one!  D, we thoght you were one of the last nice guys out there!