Woman Claims Bishop T. A. Body Began Molesting Her When She Was 11 Years Old!

Posted on April 14, 2011


Oh My Gawd!  Here we go again with another preacher that is accused of liking to have sex with children!  Thanks to my friends at PimpPreacher.com and my friend, NotYourTypicalNegro for tipping my hat to this information!  However, do know that Obnoxious is on the case and will conduct and investigation as well.  Read the e-mail that I was sent below.  Please note this is just and e-mail that was sent and we do not know if any of this is true, but the interview is very detailed and graphic.

1.  As a courtesy, you are hereby informed that on Monday, 4/11/11, Makaila Walker-Hendrix appeared on the ‘Church Folk Revolution Radio’ program LIVE to discuss being serially MOLESTED beginning as a PRE-TEEN by her former pastor Bishop Dr. T. A. BODY of ONE ACCORD COMMUNITY CHURCH, 5285 Flat Shoals Parkway, in Decatur, Georgia [extremely close in proximity to the churches of Bishop Eddie Long, Bishop Jonathan Alvarado, and the late Bishop Earl Paulk.  This matter is neither a hoax, nor an exaggeration.

2.  The program is available to listen to on-demand at anytime by accessing the following URL:

3.  Key points of the interview are noted at the following minute markers:

12:05 – Makaila Walker-Hendrix appears on the line with interviewers and begins her story.

13:40 to 17:00 – Makaila describes how beginning at age 11 the following occurred:  a) T.A. Body would have her in his church office with the door closed exposing his penis; b) T.A. Body would take her to a hotel, sneak over to her home, or take her to the church gym after services to have sex; c) Threatened her not to tell or that she would destroy the church or suffer eternal consequences.

28:45 to 29:07 – Makaila describes how when she told her mother approximately 3 years ago, she didn’t believe her.  Further, her mother still faithfully attends T.A. Body’s church to this day.

37:11 – Makaila describes how she went to law enforcement but was informed the statute of limitations had elapsed.  She also noted that she came in contact with another woman who wrote a book describing how she was allegedly molested by T.A. Body when she was 13 years old.

41:00 – Makaila goes on record naming “Bishop T.A. Body” of the One Accord Church as the perpetrator.

4.  Dr. T. A. Body and One Accord Community Church has been offered equal time to respond.  To date, there has been no official comment.