Chruch Of God In Christ (COGIC) Annual Meeting of the General Assembly

Posted on April 13, 2011


The Saints have converaged on Memphis for the Annual April Call Meeting or the Meeting of the General Assembly at the World Headquarters Mason Temple.  No church will be going down, but a good old fashion business meeting is what takes place at the Historic Mason Temple for the next two days.  The first half is alreay history and it was for the most part painless and not very exciting.  Now some action may go down for the second session today. 

A wonderful tribute to the late Bishop Chandler David Owens and a clip shown of President Clinton sharing his feelings about his friend, mentor, and spiritual advisor was amazing.  Additionally, Bishop Blake announced that he and the members of the General Board felt it was best to leave Bishop Owens seat vacant until the November of 2012, the next national election of the chruch out of respect for such a great man Bishop Owens was. 

A little to bad for all the men that wanted to run and have a chance at the seat for a year and a half.  And really to bad for Bishop Earl Jarome Wright, the man that would have made it back to the coveted seat on the board if they had allowed him to assend as the 13th man with the most votes.  However, it was not going down and did not happen like that one today. 

The Natioanl Church made a huge mistake when they met in the General Assembly and made Bishop Blake run and win the seat fair and square after Bishop G. E. Patterson died.  Now every man has got to stand and live up to the challange like they made Bishop Blake.  Although, Pastor Mann made a motion to not have a vote and it was properly seconed and passed, Bishop Blake said on with the election so it could never be said that he did not offically win the seat as Presiding Bishop. 

It got a little exciting when Bishop Blake gave his report and shared all the information on how great of a sucess the move of the Holy Convocation was to St. Louis.  Memphis cannot touch how well St. Louis rolled out the red carpet for the Saints of COGIC.  Check out the following:

St. Louis                         Memphis

19 hotels                        6 hotels

82 venues                     9 venues

$414,985                      $115,000

$532,715                      $52,547 Money given back to the chruch

$53,000                        $0             Sponsorship

$1.4 million COGIC made as a result of the move to St. Louis

At this rate the Holy Convocation will never go back to Memphis and it should not.  The people there are so mean and nasty to the Saints and seemed to be gald we left the city where Dr. King was killed.  It is hope the church never goes back there!

No word of if any action will happen with Judge Enoch Perry the church attorney or the Elder James Smith, author of a 8 page letter saying that Perry should step down due to his poor and/or ineffective ablity!

Until the next update!