Total Grace Is A Total Mess; Bishop Johnathan Alvarado Has Been Outed!

Posted on March 14, 2011


Total Grace is a Total Mess!

undefinedMost of you that follow my work know that I do not say things unless I know them to be facts and I always give accurate information even if it means waiting for the facts to come in prior to reporting on a person.

However, I cannot no longer sit behind my pew quietly and not say that Bishop Johnathan Alvarado is said to be a child molester. No arrest has been made at this time nor has he been formally charged with the crime. One of the members of my Street Committee told me they were aware that Johnathan and his church had been quietly paying off families of young boys to be quite about the sexual contact with their Pastor and Bishop. Additionally, as I began to do a great deal of research on Johnathan Alvarado and his possible sexual transgressions it was made very clear to me that he was or has participated in a number of homosexual relationships. He worked as a musician for several churches in the Atlanta area prior to starting his own ministry. It has also been brought to our attention that when he returned to Morehouse College later in life to finish his degree he had some questionable behavior with much younger students they were in enrolled at the college when he completed his matriculation late in his adult life at the college. The very flamboyant Johnathan Alvarado, who ented a Rolls Royce for his graduation day from Morehouse College.

Presently, no one has been willing to come forward other than a prior employee and member of his church Shaun King, who at one time was his personal assistant and might have key information on if Johnathan actually had sexual encounters with male children. King has made a number of claims on Twitter and Facebook and has even stated that he was contacted by WSB-TV on any information he might be able to share about Johnathan Alvarado molesting children.

Please consider that these are very serious allegations nor has he been formally charged with the crime as of yet. If Obnoxious Media learns that the allegations are in fact false our company will publicly apologize, but until that time comes it seems that Johnathan Alvarado is a PJD (Pineapple Juice Drinker, Obnoxious phrase for On The Down Low) and might have a liking for young guys. It is stated that he liked young teenagers and not children, but the boys may have been under the legal age of 16 years old in Georgia to have a relationship of any kind. In Georgia you have to be 16 years old to legally have sex with a male or a female. It would be so sad if we have yet another man that has come in the Name of the Lord that was nothing more then a wolf in sheep’s clothing and again dumb church people could not see they could have been lead by a demon that was truing out young children.

Bishop Johnation Alvarado and his wife Toni have written a book entitled “Let’s Stay Together,” which is a book on relationship strategies for successful marriages and they might just need some serious help themselves if all of this is found out to be true. Time and time again we learn of Preachers and Pastors that have lived total lies. In front of people they are this great man and behind closed doors they find themselves in stolen moments of lust with another man. It seems that it would be so much easier to just remain single and not hurt someone that was simply used to promote your business or should I say ministry. And another one bites the dust!