Bishop Donald Wright and his Freaky Ways!

Posted on December 24, 2010


Everything is going down, but the Word of God…You have got to read my latest e-mail on Bishop Donald Wright.  He seems to have used his church to secure a loan to purchase the house seen in the photo below.  Additionally, I found out that Bishop Thomas Weeks was interviewing to be the pastor of this very church prior to his marring Juanita Bynum. 

Obnoxious Disclamer what you are about to read is an e-mail that was sent to us.  We are only sharing with our readers an e-mail, no one at Obnoxious Media or any of our parties authored this e-mail or know if the details are completely true.  Do hold Obnoxious Media and all or our parties and individuals connected to us harmless based upon the information you are about to read at this time is only alleged and pending investigation. 

Watchman, What of the Night?

May 24, 2006 was the first time I confronted Donald on his numerous sexual affairs and advances to over 30 women in Jabbok, Mortgage Fraud, Tax Evasion, Theft, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Misappropriation of over $15 million in Non-Profit funds, Fraudulent Degrees, and legal/illegal drug habits.  Since that time Donald has continuously denied my allegations, despite three of the seven Elders conducting their own investigation and validating things for themselves.  Due to Donald’s continuous lies and attempts to deceive, Elders Hall, Streeter, and Elliott left Jabbok.


Two years have passed and the status quo remains the same.  Jabbok has lost almost 70% of its members and four Elders.  How long will this wickedness continue?  You cannot say Corey is responsible for the events that have taken place; am I more powerful than God?  I simply spoke truth.  I still have yet to explain how Donald stole millions from Jabbok over the past nine years, and all the other sinful/criminal activity going on at Jabbok.  My plea from day one was simple; REPENT! God was not pleased with Jabbok and I followed biblical protocol.  Now everything will be exposed.  If this was a vendetta, I could have gone to the media in 2006.  This is simply the right thing to do.    


Since first voicing my concerns, other people have confessed to having various inappropriate encounters with Donald that were not previously mentioned.  The following is a brief summary of some of those confessions.


–  Tonette confessed to Donald making sexual advances towards her, despite her being a friend of his wife, serving and counseling other women at Jabbok.  Tonette you counsel women at Jabbok, are you telling them the truth or covering for Donald?  By not telling them the truth, you do these women an injustice and empower Donald to continue ruining lives.

–  Rosa confessed to having sex with Donald.  Apparently, the sex only lasted a few seconds, barely penetrating, and ending abruptly due to Donald’s premature climax.  Donald followed with a heartfelt apology.  Rosa was also a friend of his wife and children and had knowledge of Donald’s behavior for over 10 years.

–   Kim confessed to getting pregnant by Donald’s son Daron and terminated the pregnancy.  Kim confided this information in Minister Silvia, who made sexual advances towards Kim as well.  Silvia then told Donald without Kim’s knowledge or consent; I was there when Silvia told him.  As a result, Donald then made sexual advances towards Kim despite knowing his son, Daron, was involved with her sexually.  Donald and Kim eventually had phone sex while Silvia continuously made sexual advances towards Kim, and despite being married to Deacon Koonce and apparently still having sex with Donald.  Kim confessed her part to me herself.


Where is the new church?  Where are the 2-week offerings you collected for the new church?  If you couldn’t build because of the Army Corp of Engineers, then why collect the money? The money was just to hold you over.  You didn’t even have permits.  I believe it’s really obvious Jabbok was and still is broke.  Jabbok has more debt now than ever with a drastic reduction in members and finances.  Donald lied to get the land and now can’t do anything with it but pay the outrageous mortgage.  Donald/Jabbok couldn’t afford the building project from the beginning, thus Donald began lying and providing fraudulent information to lenders.  Donald sent pictures to lenders of another church to support the lie he told about Jabbok having 4,000 members. Afterwards, Donald told the church to pray because the banks were giving Jabbok and him a hard time.  Every deal Donald tried to do loss $100,000 or more and the Central Avenue deal loss over $200,000 all thanks to Donald Wright’s lies and deception.  Jabbok is not even worth what has been borrowed against it. Donald is using a bogus appraisal and continuously lying to lenders.     


How foolish are you?  You took your members hard earned money, didn’t build a church and then moved into a 6500+ square foot house estimated at over $900K by yourself. The picture of the house is attached.  You gave Allison the ultimate tour and then bragged about it being a secret from the Elders.  The house is located at 14322 Driftwood Rd, Bowie MD 20721, go see it for yourself.  This is your third house, an estimated $2 million in real estate, and you apparently provided documentation in your ongoing divorce case suggesting that you only earn $84K annually.  According to my information, you steal over $840,000 annually.  By the way, you do not want to take your divorce case to court; you especially don’t want all the women that are being subpoenaed to try and lie for you under oath. I would hate to see Nakia and Silvia in jail for perjury.  What would happen to Nakia’s small children if she went to jail after lying for you?


Back to the money, Donald really can’t say he has additional money from his other companies because they all appear to be fortified by the state and it appears tax returns were never filed.  However, Donald and I both know thousands of dollars were deposited into the Donald A. Wright Ministries account at BB&T weekly from Jabbok.  This was outside of payroll.  Donald created bogus ghost companies to run money through them but none of these companies have true services or products; these companies are all an illusion.  Anyone can go online and see the following companies: Jabbok International Ministries, Donald A. Wright Ministries, Double U, DAW Group Inc, and The Gathering at Forestville Inc at the following link (You may need to break the link up if it doesn’t work or just go to and do a business search)  You can also see that Jabbok International Fellowship does not exist and Jabbok International Ministries is just an ordinary business in bad standing with the state. JIM is not even a church but rather a business created by Donald Wright, not the Board of Elders of Jabbok.  Did Donald Wright steal the church? Is Jabbok now The Gathering at Forestville, with Donald, Tealida, and Nakia as Directors since Jan 2007?  However, Donald uses an old non-profit Tax ID number, apparently from Pastor Wilder, for all business transactions for every company.  This is probably why the Wilder’s received tax bills in their son’s name.  


Since 1998, it is estimated that Donald Wright is responsible for spending over $3.5 million dollars on the American Express Cards alone.  The Amex is used to pay for everything from tailor-made suits to rims, lease payments for cars and even bail bonds.  This is one of the many ways money was apparently stolen from Jabbok.  The Elders never knew about Jabbok’s financial status, they just trusted Donald all of these years.  Alone, Donald signed a $4 million dollar deal without the Elders ever having full knowledge of the deal. Donald was only entitled an estimated $100K annually, including one housing allowance. Over the next days I will give you all the details and information I have concerning Jabbok’s finances; you do have a right to know.      


For the members that remain at Jabbok and are torn between what to do in this situation; My advice to you is to find a church home that is rooted and grounded in the Word of God and not based on some mystical theology that doesn’t even bare fruit for the one preaching it.  Seek God first, not something comfortable and familiar.  A church home should never be built on secrets and Elders covering the pastor’s wickedness. That is indeed a cult! 


To Pastor Yelverton, I sincerely hope you reconsider being ordained as a Bishop by Donald.  Having the title of Bishop is not worth the destruction of your family and your ministry.  To you other pastors considering joining The Gathering, ask yourselves why?  How could you submit to someone that is not submitted to anyone else? This appears to be all about money.  Before the Gathering came to Jabbok, Donald didn’t care enough to replace the carpet or put doors on the bathroom stalls for years, although he spent over $100K on bathrooms in his own houses.  When the Gathering was scheduled to be hosted at Jabbok, he then put marble in the foyer and fixed everything.  This appeared to be done to impress pastors and get you to commit financially to him.  Donald chose not to take care of his own members. Would you like to be next?  Don’t be deceived, almost everything Donald has done in the past 30 years has either failed or is an illusion.  I’m willing to talk with any of you, simply email me for my contact information.  


To the body of Christ, your faithfulness to God is more important than your faithfulness to man.  Look at the history of Jabbok.  Show me true growth or true ministry in any area of Jabbok.  It is all an illusion, just going through the motions.  How is Jabbok any better than it was before Donald came there?  I don’t have to curse Donald, from the looks of it he’s already cursed; nothing he does truly prospers.  You’re not an enemy to Jabbok because you choose not to fellowship there.  Donald is not God, and Jabbok is not Heaven.  That sounds like a cult, and someone talking that is very insecure.  That would explain why he preys on weak women that have been raped or molested.   


Please don’t think I want Donald to resign, that would be a benefit to him at this point.  Donald leaving after creating this mess, like he did in Rocky Mount, is not going to happen.  Donald will be held responsible.  The next email will follow shortly fully proving everything I’ve said thus far. 





Corey C. Dukes