Bishops Eddie Long and Gary Hawkins Linked to Mortgage Scam!

Posted on December 18, 2010


More problems unfold for Bishop Eddie Long, it has been brought to Obnoxious attention that the mega church pastor has been under federal investigation for sometime now and it is going to get worst before it gets better for the good bishop.  In addition, to dealing with four lawsuits from young men that alleged he chorused them to have sexual affairs with them to now being linked to a major mortgage scam that is under investigation by the Secret Service and DeKalb County Police Department.

Bishops Eddie Long and Gary Hawkins have both been linked to a mortgage scam and delivered their large congregations to the hands of a con artist for payola.  Members that were facing foreclosure or having issues paying their mortgage in light of the economy were invited to attend seminars that were often conducted in the main statuary of each of these men churches.  Members were convinced to pay Fred Lee $1,800 rather then paying their mortgage with the belief that he would negotiate them a lower interest rate.  However, the reality was that many of them went into foreclosure and some even bankruptcy.  In most cases Fred Lee never did even call the banks that housed the mortgages of these desperate individuals. 


Matrix Capital headed by Fred Lee was to be a financial services company that for a nice fee could help save the homes of those close to loosing their greatest investment (The name Matrix should have been a sign to most Christians).  If anyone knows the Black Church then you know if the Bishop or Pastor says something then it has got to be gold.  Many of these individuals that have fallen victim to the scam ordinarily would not have gone for such a con if the man that they have entrusted their spirituality had not endorsed it.   It is amazing that the Bible refers to Christians as Sheep, which are dumb animals that have to be lead by a Shepard.  Beware of gay, bisexual, con artist, lying wolves in sheep clothing!


How often are mega church pastors paid or given kick back for allowing a company to present something to their willing congregations?  Most likely you are upset by now and I do not give a damn.  You should be mad for being such a fool and gobbling up everything like a greedy pig shoveled to you from the pulpit even when you know it is some Bullsh*t!  Bishop Long has been under investigation for years due to his lavish lifestyle and very expensive houses and cars purchased in the name of his church and non-profit to avoid paying taxes.  Bishop Long is said to have even filed is non-profit status in the state of New York rather then Georgia where he lives and ministry is based.  The mega church pastor sold the house that was in question and purchased a slightly more modest house in Stone Mountain, Georgia. 

The good Bishop has got to be throwing up his guts by now.  All he had to do was admit to having and affair.  It would not have been required for him to say that he was bisexual or even gay all he had to say was that he had and affair and sinned against God and his wife only.  Most of his people would have rallied around him in spite of his actions.  However, now he has to go though like all the men that so quickly like and deny their sinful actions like the following; President Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, need I continue?  If a man can stand before God and man to love his wife and forsake all others and break that vow he is capable of anything else—even murder!  Funny no one ever mentions the man that was killed in World Changers.  A former deputy sheriff, who was working on a tell-all book, was summonsed to a meeting and everyone there had the same story.  He started to act crazy and was shot and killed.  If you lie, you will steal, and if you will steal, you will kill!