Read My Mail: Bishop Donald Wright’s Drugs, Sex, and Bad Money Habbits!

Posted on April 28, 2010


Everything is going down, but The Word Of God…You have got to read these e-mails that were sent to me about these churches in Washington, D.C.  Seems that all hell has broken loose and since I could not get anyone to talk to me on the phone when I was there recently I thought you should read it for yourself. 
Obnoxious Disclaimer:  What you are about to read was not written nor authored by any of the owners of Obnoxious or their parties.  The things that are contained within the e-mails may or may not be true or can be considered to be complete rumors.  There may or may not be any factual base to this other than that it was information shared with the Obnoxious staff.

Dear Family & Friends of Jabbok International Ministries,
            This is our formal letter of resignation from Jabbok.  There will not be another explanation to follow hereafter to anybody!
           Having experienced much turmoil these past few months, this decision is not one of regret, but one of great urgency and necessity.
          On Thursday, February 7, 2008, many of you received an electronic notice from Corey Dukes, a former member of Jabbok, strongly voicing his concerns about our Pastor, Bishop Donald A. Wright, Jabbok’s Board of Elders, and past and present members of Jabbok.  Within this notice were strong portrayals about my involvement in grave matters of indecency, immorality, ungodliness, and hypocrisy with our Pastor.  The portrayals made by Corey Dukes were indeed true, to include Minister Sylvia Koonce’s involvement in the matters as well.  Because we have been a voice of no sound since the onset of these notices, many of you have questioned the legitimacy of these allegations.  We hope to now answer your questions about my involvement and to address every fraudulent word that has been spoken about us both publicly and privately.

            On Friday, August 24, 2007, after Jabbok’s Corporate Prayer Service, I confessed to Elder Carolyn Streeter and Elder Terrence Jones about my involvement with Pastor in a sexual affair.  I told them that others had approached me regarding their involvement with him as well.  Elder Carolyn said that the Elders were aware of Pastor’s “drug-problem” and his numerous affairs with women.  She also told me that she had contacted Bishop Andrew C. Turner II in Southern California and asked him to counsel Pastor.  She stated that “a Bishop should be helped by another Bishop”.  Immediately after, Pastor called me, followed by Elder Jackie Barclift.  They both questioned me regarding my conversation with Elder Carolyn and Elder Terrence.  Pastor asked me if I was still his friend or had I now become his enemy?  Stressfully he asked me to consider his career and the ramifications if people ever found out the truth about our relationship.  When I asked him regarding his involvement with other women in Jabbok he denied it.  I told him that he was lying because I knew that his conversations with others were exactly the same as with me; he had a “pattern”.  Then he agreed to contact Dr. Elaine Waller, a Clinical Psychologist and Pastor of Abundant Life Ministries in Virginia Beach , Virginia , for help.  Upon his agreement to contact her, I withdrew my previous confession to Elder Carolyn and Elder Terrence at the Board of Elders meeting the next day (Circus Act I).

On Tuesday, January 29, 2008, I met with the Elders again, namely Elder Everrett Hall, Elder Clara (Ma) Elliott, Elder Carolyn Streeter and Elder Terrence Jones.  This time my husband accompanied me.  I first apologized for having previously receded on my confession.  I then re-confessed to them about my involvement with Pastor in a sexual affair that began seven years ago.  They asked to know when the affair ended and I told them in December 2007 during Jabbok’s consecration/fast.  I also disclosed other improper verbal and physical involvements that I had with Pastor and that he had with others that Corey’s email(s) did not mention: 

1.      One-on-one Counseling Sessions with Pastor.

 Bishop Wright (as my spiritual father and Pastor) and I first began these sessions by my communicating about past and tragic events that had previously occurred in my life.  Fully trusting Pastor for counsel and spiritual guidance to overcome these obstacles, our relationship changed with his recommending that I do certain things for self esteem purposes and to assist in preparing me for marriage.  For example, I was questioned regarding my vaginal area, such as, what is the thickness of my pubic hairs; how much pubic hair do I have; and how far up and across my stomach and down my legs does my pubic hair travel?  I was also asked to take pornographic pictures of my breasts and vaginal area to aid in my feeling more comfortable with my body.  These pictures were for him only to view, after which he was to have discarded in his fireplace. 

Things progressed and the recommendations became more and more demanding.  For instance, Pastor wanted photos for his own personal library because his wife, Sabrina Wright (then First Lady), no longer dressed and undressed in front him allowing him to see her body parts.  He also asked and at times summoned me to his office at Jabbok under false pretenses.  Upon my arriving I discovered that he only wanted me to show him my vaginal area.

Because intimate secrets had been shared in these sessions, Pastor then started referring to me as his friend.  He also gave me permission to address him by his first name (Donald) and was insistent about it, but only when we communicated privately; publicly I was to still refer to him as Pastor.  Also, upon the conclusion of all of our private conversations, he always remarked “I love you” (just as my husband would say) when we were first married.

These sessions ceased after I married. They resumed again upon Pastor’s insistent request two years later.  My husband never knew what went on in any of the sessions because Pastor instructed me not to tell him.  I was also asked to perform the same activities as previously mentioned, all the while he counseled my husband and I for severe marital problems.  It was also understood that if I ever got pregnant that I had to get an abortion.

2. My participation with Pastor and Minister Sylvia Koonce in one photo-shoot after Bible Study – “A Spiritual Moment”.  


Minister Sylvia and I were led to believe that this was for an on-going research project that Pastor had been conducting for years.  He wanted to show us that we were the only true worshippers in Jabbok due to the massive amount of pubic hair that he said we had, and to also help to boost both of our self-esteems.

He remarked how he wanted to start having Minister Sylvia and I to accompany him together and separately on his road trips to service him sexually.  In preparation for this new assignment, he asked us both to pick out a hotel for us to go and spend an entire day at. He said that he wanted to have sex with Minister Sylvia in the morning and the afternoon while I went shopping, then later on in the evening and into the night he wanted to have sex with me while Minister Sylvia found something else to do.

He remarked to Minister Sylvia and I that he wanted to have another “moment”, but this time he wanted to have a three-some (manajetua). We both agreed at first, but a few hours after this conversation I was convicted. I then contacted Minister Sylvia and told her that I was not going to go through with it. She told him that I had changed my mind. He called us both and told me that he was very disappointed in me and remarked “that my flesh was talking”.

3. A conversation with Pastor while watching a movie in his den

I asked Pastor why he was so insistent about sitting on the right side of his brown-ribbed couch. He remarked to me that he did not want me to feel uncomfortable knowing that I was sitting on a firearm. Upon asking him to explain what he meant by this statement, he pulled out a gun from underneath the right cushion.  He said that it was for his protection. He then showed me how to unlock, lock, and load it.

4.  Others confide in me about acts of misconduct towards them.
I also disclosed the names of numerous other women (some are members of Sister-2-Sister (S2S)), that told me that they were also improperly approached and handled by Pastor, or Minister Sylvia, and/or both of them.  These ladies were also asked to participate in indecent and immoral acts.  My voicing my disapproval to Pastor about these indecent advances towards those in S2S was met with my removal from S2S altogether.  But I was told first privately by him, and then publicly by him that I was being promoted to co-preside over Christian Counseling with Minister Liz Sessoms. 

1.  Pastor did not show. 

He called during the meeting to say that he was conferring with three of his Bishop-friends to discuss the proper manner in which he should resign. 

2.  Elder MaCat and Elder Terrence had very little/nothing to say.

3.  Elder Jackie’s and Elder Joan’s physical/verbal conduct was inconceivably ungodly and utterly ridiculous!

Having now said all of the previous, it saddens our hearts to now leave family and friends in such a forcible manner.  We thought that Jabbok would have been our last stop in terms of a “spiritual home”. Nonetheless, you all will be forever remaining in our thoughts and prayers, and we hope the same holds true for you as well.

     With warm regards,


Deacon Neal and Minister Alli Goodman Now before I got the e-mail you just read I received a number of e-mails and calls from a gentleman by the name of Corey Dukes.  He shared with me a number of serious issues he had with his former church and his former pastor. Dukes explained to me that his pastor was not just having a number of affairs, but he was involved in a major fraud operation with a mortgage company that he alleged his pastor, Bishop Donald Wright, owned.  Federal agents have allegedly been given over 12 to 15 years of documents by Corey Dukes to prove his allegations are true.  The young man is former military and said he was very hurt that is faith and trust was misused by Bishop Donald WrightCorey is not calling nor is he responding to my calls and none of the individuals mentioned in the e-mails are willing to discuss the matter with me as of my deadline.  It is not clear to me if Corey has become afraid to talk or if he cannot talk due to a pending investigation.  However, I will allow you to read them yourself.  The following is the original e-mail that went to the church.               TO DONALD, ALL ELDERS, ALL LEADERS, PAST & PRESENT MEMBERS OF JABBOK & AFFILIATES: Feb 6, 2008 marked six months since I first voice my concerns abut Jabbok and Donald to the Board of Elders.  I have been diligently working with three of the seven elders since that time for a peaceful resolution.  Being optimistic, I gave my word to Elder Elliott, Elder Hall, and Elder Streeter to not further disclose information I possessed nor information about our private meetings.  For six months I remained silent in the face of false accusations, character defamation, and meaningless assaults apparently by some of the elders and Donald himself; nevertheless, my integrity remains in tact.  Elders Hall, Elliott and Streeter have heard testimonies from past and present members directly involved with Donald and have seen evidence to support the concerns listed in my previous emails.  The three elders were ignored and chastised when they attempted to voice their findings and/or concerns.  As a result, Elder Hall has left Jabbok and Elder Elliott and Elder Streeter remain disconnected from the other four Elders.  As of yesterday, my perception still remained that Jabbok is a den of thieves, harlots and liars being led astray by Donald and four spineless elders; Catherine, Jackie, Joan, and TerranceCatherine, I gave you the benefit of the doubt throughout all of this, you’re beginning to be a great disappointment.  Do you even know what Donald has apparently said about you?  I respected you once!  Most of hypocrites were put in position by Donald to simply “represent” a board of Elders but none of your have any power or authority.  The Bylaws were created without you and are controlled by Donald/JIM not JIF.  None of you took a stand for righteousness and now your reward will be the same as his.  The truth is I was told I would be an Elder in September just like you but I left.  I’d rather be called honest and righteous, than a hypocrite and play church.  God gave you grace and I exercised great caution not to deal with you inappropriately in any manner.  I will show the world what a hypocrite, liar, adulterer, pimp, predator, hustler, manipulator, and disgrace Donald is event to himself; you four elders have only helped him continue this behavior.  “Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture saith the Lord.”  Minister Allison Goodman, the wife of Deacon Robert Goodman confess to the elders of having a sexual affair with Donald Wright that began seven years ago.  According to Minister Allison the relationship began with Donald making advances towards her when he first began to pastor Jabbock while located on Sergeants Road.  Minister Allison states they have been sexually active since first arriving at the Ritchie Road location seven years ago.  Despite getting married to Deacon Goodman a few years ago, the sexual affair did not end until December 2007.  Donald was also married throughout the course of the relationship.  Donald also gave the couple marriage counseling while continuing to sleep with Minister Allison.  She spoke with the elders on January 29, 2008 confessing what happened over the past 7 years. 

Minister Allison also confessed she was one of the two females in the photo posing on the floor of Donald’s church office bathroom.  The two females were lying on the floor beside each other; legs spread open, exposing their vaginas.  The other female in the photo was Minister Silvia Koonce, the wife of Deacon Eugene Koonce, another faithful deacon at JabbokMinister Allison now admits that she was in the photo with Silvia and that Donald Wright took the picture after service one night.  I was actually the person who brought the two of them upstairs at Donald’s request immediately following service.  Deacon Koonce and I waited in the foyer for Donald, Silvia, and Allison to finish their “meeting.”  Donald had to look Deacon Koonce in his eyes only moments after he had just finished taking pictures of his wife and he acted like everything was all good. 

According to Sheila Wiggins, the Chief Financial Officer at the time, Donald/Jabbok paid the Koonce’s rent/mortgage for almost three years.  This appears to me as some form of prostitution.  I’ve never seen anyone recive money from any church for over two years unless they were on payroll for services they rendered.  This seems to explain everything, especially when one of the videos shows a woman of Silvia’s size, shape and complexion, having sex on Donald’s den floor.  The two were on top of a black throw blank, their heads facing the front doorway, missionary position, and her legs on Donald’s side.  The interesting thing about the video is the female is still wearing her long black boots, just like the ones Silvia wears to church.  It appears my tithes and offering were apparently paying for booty-calls.  Well, at least I got the pictures and video for free; you can thank your son Daron for that privilege. 

Nakia has been playing you and Daron from the beginning.  Daron confided in Nakia your little dirty secrets well before you started sleeping with her on the brown couch in the den.  I bet Nakia didn’t tell you that side of the story, nor did she tell you she was trying to talk to me.  I guess she only called while in the tub bathing so I could pray for her.  Well, Nakia, I’m not into phone sex, apparently that is more so for Donald.  Apparently, Donald has also had other dirty little talks and inappropriate/sexual relationships with other Jabbok women, ministers, elders, intercessors, and praise team members.  You’re not a pimp, more like a sugar-daddy playing step-father and in my opinion you haven’t taken care of your own kids.  They refer to you as sperm-donor and say you’re worthless. 

Here are only some the other women Donald has apparently been involved with inappropriately in some manner: Sheila, Allison, Nakia, Silvia, Nia, Stacey, Jackie, Johnnie, Kim, Yolanda, Shirlron, Debra, Wanda DT, Paula, Tealida, Kelly, Sabrina, Penny, Velvet, Michelle.  Some names were excluded on purpose because of the sensitivity of the situation.  Apparently, indirect threats have been made to certain individuals.  When the time is right, those individuals will come forward as well.  However, I can assure you there are over 10 other women, just by the photos.  The question we should be asking is how many other women would not take pictures or make a flick for Donald

Donald also boasted to a pastor about everything being true between him and Dr. Wanda Turner.  Apparently at that time it happened she was still married to his Bishop.  The pastor that stated this has already agreed to testify to Federal Agents.  She just didn’t want to be a part of your little sex club, just Minister Allison didn’t want to have group sex with you and Silvia.  Sheila and Allison’s testimony will go to Federal Agents.  Did you really this I was just going to let this situation go and forget about your wickedness?

By the way, why would you have Bishop Eddie Long calling my cell phone numerous times to talk about this situation?  Why didn’t you tell him the entire truth?  It’s amazing when you’re in trouble you run to the very people you previously exposed or talked about behind their backs.  If only all of these mega-churches/headline news pastors knew what you really were saying about them.  Shall I inform them?  You bet I will!  They will know I’m telling the truth by the sensitivity of the information I share with them; that is if they can’t properly discern I’m telling the truth now.  I offer you other pastors that are getting involved the opportunity to talk to me directly.  CALL or EMAIL ME, I have nothing to hide.  I advise you to get all the facts before you put your lives on the line supporting wickedness and foolishness.  I’ve already let a couple of your pastors slide with those bogus statements/messages you’ve been making.  I hear you but I’m giving you fair warning as I did Donald.  This IS NOT a “JUST” man falling; these have been Donald’s choices for over 20 years.  This is a LIFESTYLE!  This is no different than someone in the street raping and robbing people for 20+ years.  Call or email me directly, I’ll even come talk to your face to face. 

This is only the beginning.  Right now we’re only dealing with the women.  Soon we’ll deal with the over $15 Million that has walked out of Jabbok over the past 10 years.  Jabbok only had $13k in the bank when I left in April 2006.  I’m sure the 12 years of paperwork I have will confirm everything I’ve said form the beginning.  Apparently, you have a new house off of Church Road as well.  Did the two-week offering you collected pay for that because there is not new church?  After we deal with the money, then we’ll deal with al the other illegal/criminal activities I mention previously in my emails.  The feds are not interested in the women anyway, that is just icing on the cake.  I figured I’ll start with the most obvious first, your weak character! 

Until new time, you foolish five keep talking in circles and digging holes for yourselves.  I’ll see you in the news soon.  You others better choose wisely whose side you’re on, God’ or Donald’s. 


Corey C. Dukes

Bishops, Pastors, and religious leaders have to be extremely careful of who is around them and who they trust.  Corey Dukes assured me that he was not upset or angry with Bishop Donald Wright and only wanted to expose the alleged truth due to his salvation and others being played with by Wright.  Now I did talk briefly to Bishop Wright and he stated that he was not sure why Corey as upset and would make such allegations, but that he has retained legal counsel.  Wright did say that any documents that was obtained by Dukes was done so illegally  However, it does seem to be true that Bishop Donald Wright is under some type of federal investigation with a mortgage company that he or his churched owned.  Well over $15 million has been paid to close on a number of fake or fraudulent home loans.  “I welcome the IRS to audit my company,” Wright said.  “All my books are in order.”  The issues of the number of affairs were not addressed by Bishop Wright, but he did state that some marriages have been damaged as a result of Corey Dukes e-mail campaign.  Additionally, he stated that Corey and his son were friends and that he was having an affair with a church employee and that was how he gained access to so much privileged information.